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Welcome to the online home of Koforidua Sectech Old Students’ Association, the biggest clan(Abusua Kese3). MMARIMA MMA, ABUSUA KESI3. We the Members of the 1992 Class of Koforidua Sectech, hereinafter referred to as “the Group”, desiring to form an Old Students Charitable Organization aimed towards reigniting the bond that existed amongst us, building a social network to help support each other in times of joy and sorrow, building a professional network system to help support and/or advance the careers and/or business interests of the Members and endeavoring by any means necessary to advance the cause of our alma mater through charitable activities, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Group..

To create a networking base for all past students (“MMARIMA MMA”)..

Build Cooperation amongst various year groups in order to promote unity of purpose, common values, and a common vision to see K’dua SecTech a prime choice for graduating Junior High School students a must be school to attend..

• Ensure that All Projects, events and programs organized by any year group in connection with or to benefit K’dua Sectech are organized under the auspices of and with the cooperation of KOSOSA..

• Establish a Firm partnership with the School administration, Student Representative Council (“SRC”) and Parent Teachers Association (“PTA”) to accelerate progress and development of the school..

• Generate Funds to finance infrastructural development projects sponsored by KOSOSA through collection of dues, solicitation of donations and funds, as well as engaging in other fundraising activities as and when the Association deems necessary.


Vision & Mission

To form a strong union of Members, motivated solely by the shared ideal that the bonds we  created amongst us between 1987 and 1992 should not be wasted, but rather should be reignited and  harnessed to advance the socio-economic interests of the Members, as well as the institutional progress    of our alma mater. To  mobilize  all  Members  of  the  1992  Class  of  Koforidua  Sectech,  create  a  social  and    professional network that  provides charitable support, encouragement and  comfort to  Members in  times of need, celebrates the advancement and achievements of Members and contributes (financially   or otherwise) to the advancement of the institutional goals of Koforidua Sectech.

Governance Structure & Leadership

Governance Structure & Leadership


Vice President - Emmanuel Appah (UK)

Vice President - Emmanuel Appah (UK)