Dhall Project

Koforidua Secondary Technical School Dinning Hall (DHALL) Renovation


Koforidua Senior High Technical School, is a Senior High School located in Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Formally Koforidua Secondary Technical School (or K`dua SecTech), it is the third of its kind in Ghana established in 1967 by the then head of state Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to produce science and technical biased students for Higher Educational Institutions in Ghana and the sub-Saharan region.

Over the years, the school has utilized its dining hall for all gatherings including assemblies and church services. The dining hall which was built to accommodate a population of about 600 students and staff has lost its capacity as the population of the students have increased significantly with current enrolment above 2,500 students. As a result of the use of the facility far above its capacity, coupled with lack of regular maintenance over the years, the building has deteriorated to the extent that it has now become a health hazard (see pictures in the Appendix).

The alumni are currently constructing a new multipurpose assembly hall christened “MPAH”, a two-storey edifice with a seating capacity of over 4000 students, to accommodate the ever- increasing student’s population and to serve other important purposes. But this project estimated to cost about $1.5 million, may take about 3-5 years to be completed, depending on the availability of funds. It is therefore imperative that additional funds are mobilized to renovate the existing dining hall and to prevent it from further deterioration.

To this end, the 1992 Class has taken the initiative to team up with other interested year- groups to raise funds both internally and externally to undertake this project. The estimated cost for the complete renovation is $33,000 or GHS 132,000 (see details in Appendix). The renovation which will begin in May 2017 is expected to be completed by November 2017 to mark the 50th anniversary celebration of the school. For any questions or further clarification, you may contact Dr. Kingsley Boateng (President, 92-year group) on +1-301-651-1169 or e-mail: kboateng@yahoo.com.

To all Mmarima Mma, let us arise and build. Any little donation will be appreciated. Checks may be addressed to the “1992 Class of Koforidua Sectech” deposited directory into our Bank of America account # 488061772177, Routing # 111000025. In the UK, use Lloyds Bank, account # 30-91-91 27285868, account name “Koforidua Sectech 1992 Old Students Association”. In Ghana, use Ghana Commercial Bank, account # 1481130000326, account name “1992 Class of Koforidua Sectech”. God richly bless you in advance.


The project aims to achieve the following:
1. To renovate the existing dining hall facility to prevent further deterioration.
2. To prevent potential health risk to the student population.
3. To provide an opportunity for the alumni to give back to the school.
4. To improve current facilities for the school and to help restore its image as the beacon of science and technology in Ghana, producing students who will help build their communities leading to the transformation of the nation and possibly the sub-Saharan region through innovations.


The main constraints to the project objectives are:
1. Raising the awareness of the current state of the school amongst the alumni to raise funds for the DHALL renovation project.
2. Time constraints to meet the project completion deadline before the 50th anniversary celebration.


Sectech Dinning Hall Renovation

(A Report By Peter – A Consultant working on the MPAH Project)
One of the first question that must be asked, if money is spent on renovating the dining room, kitchen ect. will it be look after?
I am asking this, looking at the picture and seeing it in reality, it’s in this state because there’s no simple maintenance done, there’s no thought for safety to staff let alone the students.

Looking at the size of the hall I was surprised there wasn’t more tables, vast amount of wasted space. It appears the majority of students get their food and take it away.

1. Electric wiring is in a serious state, switches with broken covers leaving it a dangerous state for electrocution. There are not many power point in the hall, mainly lights and ceiling fans. Some old wiring ned tidying up.
Most of the fan switches need attention or replacing.
Some old Florescence light fittings have been wire are hanging, other have been removed replaced by the energy saving bulbs.
Main power room seems to be a central distribution for other buildings around, all are old. The kitchen as its own 3 phase meter. Many lights not working throughout.

The work require is mainly the switches, massive project to enter in to any sort of wiring update.

2. Kitchen:

The kitchen as never been altered since built, main attention here would be the sinks and work tops area, they are concrete built, big square sink, old, crack and broken.
All want removing and rebuilding. Small amount of tilling required.
There’s an open drain inside back fall, covering grille. Staff changing room need attention, shower, wc. Personal lockers would be a good idea. Windows want glass in replacing.
Where they cook the big pots it would help if a hood (cook hood) was made and vented outside. Not essential, suggestion.

3. Main Hall:

Is not used to the max, lot more tables could be used. Part is also used to store benches, maybe used at times ….

The flooring had thin stick down tiles. The floor looked in reasonable good condition, wear spot near entrance door. This will be the most expensive job. Depends on type of flooring to be used.

Tiles as in clay. Paint.
Epoxy resin floor. Recycled plastic tile.

Some doors need attention.

Mosquito mesh in some window needs replacing, honestly its dark because no body’s swept the mesh to clean the dust off.
The ceiling is suspended most looks in good condition odd panel needing attention. All the roof needs attention as there’s puddles of water in odd places. If not sorted this will affect the s-ceiling.

If anything thin more light would be useful. This could be done by tunnel lighting using skylights. How far does one go, Just a suggestion energy saving?
When painting a good quality washable emulsion should be used. NO OIL paint.

4. Looking at the amount of cooking and the usage of gas. It may be prudent to rethink do minimal safety work like eclectics, do a survey see how practical it would be to have a biogas system put in. Long term financial saving on gas.
If practical, these tank could be linked to biogas system by means of vacuum suction pressurized system.

Look at energy saving, long term prospect, utils prices are going up up.

Solar should also be considered.
School or gov’t should be looking into theses area.

That’s basically what I found without digging deep going over the top.

Here’s that word again, standards, there’s general standards then health and safety standards. Who in forces them? If in UK shut down lock stock barrel.

UK & GH Construction Ltd

Building Contractors

P.O. BOX 2734
Contact : 024 99 08 791 / 024 331 72 55

This work agreement is between UK & GH Construction Ltd and a group of Koforidua Sectech Old Students represented by their reps calling themselves Sectech Dining Hall Project Think Thank.

This will be a 3-phase contract, based on an Oct 2016 estimated total of 152,450.90 Ghs then an extra 1,500.00 Ghs was agreed upon for drainage alteration, giving a final total of 153,950.90 Ghs., subject to any increments in the cost of material or labour, will be invoiced after the phase has been completed.

This agreement also details the work schedule and description of work in the 3 phases. Fore Phase 2, there is in italics an alternative costing to all Terrazzo floor quote, tiles and Terrazzo.

Phase 1 Estimated total 37,673.95 Ghs

Kitchen and staff washrooms:

Removal of all existing work tops and sinks, rebuild and tile, skink will be imported industrial kitchen SS sinks.

Electrical: New wiring for new sockets and oscillating fans also an extractor fan in the kitchen area, repairing or replace damaged lights switches both the kitchen and staff wash rooms, add extra sockets in the Matron’s office.

Replacement of mosquito mesh on kitchen windows.

Terrazzo floor: Acid and wash within the kitchen area.

Internal open drain: to be repaired and outlet rediverted in plastic pipe to the open drainage system, a new grille made for the internal open drain.

The whole kitchen, to be repainted, staff washrooms, office.

Plumbing: All plumbing will be check, repairs carried out in Kitchen and staff washrooms, showers and WC will be repaired or replaced as necessary, and defects will be sorted out.

Remove all rubbish and waste from site.

I estimate this phase to take about 8 weeks

Phase 2 Estimated total 86,720.25 Ghs

Dining Room, Bakery, Matrons office floor: Terrazzo

Remove existing vinyl tiles, repair any defected areas, terrazzo flooring with smooth finish surface.

Outside porches/walk ways will also be Terrazzo,

The bakery area floor to be terrazzo made smooth.

Matron’s Office to be either Terrazzo or Carpeted.

One Porchway to be concreted before Terrazzo.

I estimate this phase to take about 8 weeks

Dining Room Floor Tiles, Bakery, Matrons office and porches Terrazzo: Est. 198,730.81 Ghs

Dining Room floor: Tiles .600 x .600mm

I have been unable to get exact prices, pricing for grades 4 – 5 H/d industrial tiles start from £22.90 = 123.66 Ghs per sq. Mtr. high slip resistance, this excludes shipping, clearing fees, duty ect. laying estimated cost 174,292.00 Ghs.

Terrazzo Bakery, Matrons office floors smooth finish

Outside Porches.

One Porchway to be concreted before Terrazzo.

I estimate this phase to take about 8 weeks

Phase 3 Estimated total 29,556.70 Ghs

Various other work:

Painting of the complete inside of the dining hall, ceilings and walls.

Painting of the outside of the kitchen, dining hall and boundary walls.

Oil paint all doors and frames, window frames

Repair damaged lights and switches in the dining hall.

Replace all the mosquito mesh on all windows.

Remover old louver blades and frames.

Re-panel any damaged doors, replace locks and hinges as necessary.

I estimate this phase to take about 6 weeks

All work will start within 7 working days after receiving payment.





CURRENT RENOVATED KITCHEN : Awaiting Installation Of Imported Sinks