MPAH Project

Koforidua Secondary Technical School Multi Purpose Assembly Hall (MPAH) Project Proposal


Koforidua Secondary Technical School (KSTS) has undergone a lot of transformation over the years. Recently it was downgraded from a grade “A” school to grade “B” by the Ghana Education Service (GES), owing to its lack of an independent assembly hall. Over the years the school has utilized its dining hall as an assembly hall and all forms of school gatherings. However, the assembly/dining hall which was built to accommodate a population of about 600 students and staff has lost its capacity as the population of the students have increased significantly (currently there are about 2,500 students in the school). The school currently holds its assembly gathering in the open,
The old students association have mobilized resources to design, build and commission a Multipurpose Assembly Hall christened “MPAH” to help the school regain its grade as well as accommodate the ever increasing population of the students. MPAH will also help the alumni to rebuild a healthy and positive relationship with GES, which has been lost over the years owing to the perceived lack of support from the alumni. This could mean funding support from GES to support future projects within the school.
The project is currently valued at $900,000 because of its magnitude and the ever increasing population of the students. The current members of the association are striving to raise the necessary funds from all past students. This activity is becoming a little bit tedious and difficult because majority left and never turned back to support the school. However, the association believes that all members will come on board once the structure is in a good state manifesting itself. Funds are currently needed to complete phase 1 of the project prior to the return of the second seasonal rainy period from September 2015.


The purpose of the project is to achieve the following;
1. To provide independent befitting assembly facility to accommodate the current students’ population, this is ever increasing annually.
2. To rebuild a healthy and positive relationship with the GES who are currently reluctant to release any funds unless there is evidence of continued support by the alumni towards the school.
3. To ensure that the school is upgraded from grade “B” to “A” to maintain its integrity.
4. To host final year examinations because currently there are a number of class distractions when the BECE students are sitting their exams due to space constraints.
5. To continue raising the awareness and remove all doubts amongst the alumni currently sitting on the fence.
6. To create an unparalleled future for the school to be the beacon of science and technology in Ghana, producing students who will help build their communities leading to the transformation of Ghana and possibly the sub-Saharan region through innovations.